Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fabric Received!

Sorry it took me so long to get these pictures up. I had an incident early in the week that left me walking like I was 100. But I am feeling much better now, so on with the swap! We have some cute fabrics! I apologize for the bad pictures. You might be able to see them better if you click on them.

From Dara. The cards are cute, and I love those apples and peace signs!
From SheriDawn. I especially love the gourds and the music notes!
From Care. I almost got that same blender print! And I love the potato chips and black cats.
From Janelle. The turkeys are too cute and I love the little raccoons.
From Rose. I love that we have so many music fabrics and that they are all different! The construction fabric is a favorite and I also love the donuts and ice cream!
From Jill. Crayons! Love it. And the blue transportation fabric will be a favorite with my boys!
From Carrie. I love the sheriff's stars and the stamps!
From Jenn. The umbrellas and the bananas are my favorites!
Yeah! Keep 'em coming! We are still waiting on 11 more packages. Tomorrow is the deadline, so hopefully I'll have a full mailbox tomorrow! If you are participating in this swap and are running late, just shoot me a quick email so I can keep everyone informed.



  1. I love the deer, donuts, chocolates, and cupcakes!

    Hmmm... Does that mean I am hungry? (with the exception of the deer, of course!)

    Hope you're okay! Was it a back injury?

  2. I sent mine and the two Amber's last Tuesday. I'm surprised you haven't received them yet. Hmmmm.....

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