Friday, November 19, 2010

More Fabric!

Got a bunch more! Sorry it took a while to post. You wouldn't believe the week I've had!

From Kirsti. I love the pencils and the school buses!
From Sang. Zippers, shoes, and toasters!
From Sonya. I love the stop signs and headdresses. And cute binkies!
From Brittany. Cowboys and seagulls!
From Audra. Ducks and polar bears!
From Laura. Flags and unicorns! So cute!
From Karen. The ships are awesome and look at the Norman Rockwell characters!
From Amber. Robots, princesses, and leaves!
From Ginger. I especially love the scarecrows, tarantulas, and acorns!
From the other Amber! Kites, bandannas, and pigs!
From Jill. Look at the crayons! And I love the blue transportation fabric!We are just waiting on one more set and I can send these out to you! I might not be able to get these out until after Thanksgiving because I am leaving town, but I will have them all sorted out and ready to go so I can just add the last person's squares. Thanks for being so patient!


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