Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update on the Quilt

So I finished the top of the quilt yesterday and last night, I even got quite a bit of the back done. It has a few small flaws, but for my very first "real" quilt, I am pretty happy with it. I wish I would have had more fabric for the disappearing 9-patch part, but the line became discontinued since I bought this fabric, so I had to use what I had. That's why there's so much blue and green. It doesn't look too bad though. I had to add to the top and bottom because this is going to go on Jonah's twin bed.

I was stumped at what to do for the back. I had one row of cut 9-patches set aside for the back, but besides that, I didn't know what to do. I had a little bit of yardage from the line and a bunch of solid colors to work with. After perusing a few blogs, I decided to do a stripe pattern along the back. Here's how it looks so far:
It's pretty time-consuming, so I think I'm going to add some really big stripes further up.

So that's it! Can't wait to finish!