Friday, August 21, 2009

Just Wanted to Share...

...some recent findings.

These cute printable lists from Vale Design are too cute to pass up. Check out her other free printables, such as recipe cards and greeting cards.

And these printable journal pages from Becky Higgins would make a great gift for a teen or friend. I made a cover for mine that looks like this:
Feel free to use it if you'd like! Just click on it and copy.


  1. Yay! Cool, I'm totally doing the journal thing and getting all the lists. Thanks for finding and posting this. Now I just need a new ink cartridge...ha ha

  2. Thanks a ton for the journaling idea! That would be a great activity for girls camp next year. I'm always trying to think up creative things for our girls to do. And I love your journal cover too. So adorable. Thanks're a life saver.

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