Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Temple Blocks

When I saw this idea on Lil' Luna through Cookie Nut Creations, I just had to make these for my Mia Maids. It was such an easy and cheap project too, it didn't stress me out too much! Go to this post on Lil' Luna's blog and download an antiqued picture of your favorite temple, resize and print it. I bought a 2 x 8 at Lowes for $4 and had them cut it for me (for free) into 5.5 inch sections. Then I sanded and painted the blocks, Mod Podged the pictures on (no coat on top) and decorated with embellishments. I have to thank my adviser for her help there- she is a master when it comes to embellishing! We had so much fun making these and I'm glad my Mia Maids will have their own picture of the temple for their rooms. Sorry about the blurry pictures!


  1. Great idea Connie. Your Mia-Maids will love them!

  2. I loved it too and made them for my sunday school class!

  3. LOVE IT! I had seen that post, and we are going to do these for their birthday gifts for 2011...I think...I LOVE the entire look...so cute on how you put the feathers, ribbons, and buttons! ADORABLE!