Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hooded Bath Towels

First off, for this project, I prefer to buy my towels at Wal-mart because they have a brand called Mainstays True Colors which are cheap and come in a variety of colors. But most importantly to me, they lack the ribbing that is found on most towels. I think the finished product looks better without a big stripe of ribbing going around the hood and down the sides. My opinion. The bath towels are $4, the hand towels are $3.50, and the washcloths are $2.50.

I have two versions of hooded bath towels to post. One is a very simple and easy version, and the other is even easier. Let's start with the even easier one.

First Version:

You'll need a bath towel and a washcloth of the same color. Fold the bath towel in half, right sides together, so you can find the center. Then place a corner of the washcloth at the center point and pin the side down onto the bath towel (right sides together if there are "sides"). Do both sides until it looks like this:
Now sew down the whole line, making sure that your seam allowance is as big as the binding on the side of the towel and washcloth. And you're done!
Second Version:

You will need a bath towel and a hand towel of the same color. You can follow this great tutorial at Skip To My Lou for this version.

There are a few things that I would adjust. When I made mine, I did not fold over the finished edge as shown in the second picture on Skip To My Lou. Also, depending on how tall you want the hood to be, you don't have to trim the hand towel to 10.5 inches. Leaving some length will give you a taller hood. This towel pictured was trimmed to 10.5 inches, and I probably would have left some length on it.

I added some large rickrack to the hood, and also down the sides. You can also add ribbon or embroider a monogram or name onto the towel.
This makes a fun, personal, cheap and easy gift! Give it a try!


  1. Very cool - I made a toweled hoodie for my little one just by using hooded vest as a pattern. The terry cloth I used has unraveled so I was thinking of redoing the project. This is the perfect idea for that "redo".

  2. Those are cute. Thanks for posting.

  3. Those are darling!! And I love your new background and Header!!

  4. I have always wanted to make these. Thanks for the tutorial! Very cute!

  5. LOVE the new background. And I've always liked those towels. The infant ones you can buy at the store are just plain wimpy!!!

  6. I have just recently discovered your blog and really enjoy it! You have some great ideas! I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award!

  7. This is a good idea. Thanks for your simple and important posting.

  8. Hooded bath towels are best for kids!! I got a sweet yellow hooded towel for my nephew!!

  9. This is so amazing I have just invested in these beautiful baby bath towels from well cultivated and they do have their own hooded range but being able to make them special will mean the kids love them even more. excellent idea's and great inspiration.