Thursday, June 4, 2009

Birthday or Dress-Up Crown

I made this crown for my daughter's birthday party. There are lots of cute ideas out there for crown color themes and design, but I went with the strawberry theme simply because I didn't have any other colors!

All I did was measure my daughter's head, and cut a crown shape out of white wool felt. This is not to be confused with the craft sheets of felt. Wool felt is purchased on the bolt at JoAnn's or any fabric store.

I made a stencil for the monogram using my word processor. I just picked a font I liked and printed out a stencil. I cut out the strawberries and butterflies and then sewed them onto the white piece by hand. If you are good with a machine, you can do it that way too, but I didn't trust myself at the time! I added the yellow french knots on the strawberries and the buttons on the butterflies.

When the white piece was done, I attached it to the red by sewing the rickrack on. I made a casing for a piece of elastic for the back, then attached it by zig zagging it onto both sides of the back, and I was done!

It was a very fun project and I highly recommend it! It was fun and fast and I am very happy with the result!


  1. So cute and perfect for my daughter! She loves princesses and strawberries!!
    Have I mentioned I love your blog? Cuz I do!!

  2. That's adorable! I'm sure she loved it.

  3. what a memory it will be, I hope it lasts forever. It'll be a treasure for her.

  4. That is so cool you have a daughter named Eden too! I agree it's a GREAT name! This crown is so cute!! Isn't it amazing all the things you can do with felt? I had no idea before I started looking at all these crafty blogs! I am glad you mentioned it was wool felt, I had no idea there was such a thing! I love the details on the strawberries!

  5. very cute nd very cool. i love the stuff you do. can't wait to see the hooded towel instructions.

  6. Oh that is just the cutest! You are so talented. It looks adorable.