Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Old Pair of Jeans= Two New Jean Skirts

Today I was bored again and found this old pair of jeans that don't fit anymore. I used to love these jeans; they were the jeans I wore on my first date with Peter...but it's funny how styles can change after only 6 years. Nowadays these would be considered frumpy-bottom jeans. So they went in the pile.

I decided that Eden needed some cute jean skirts for Fall, so here we are. This is pretty basic sewing, which (let's face it) is all I can do so far. But I am pretty proud of myself anyway.

I measured and cut the jeans like so:
Then I sewed up the sides and did an elastic waistband. With the A-line skirt, I sewed a scrap of fabric to fold over for the waistband so I didn't have to sew over that big huge seam folded over.
I made one A-line skirt, using the "bells" of the pants, and a straight-legged skirt using the thighs.
All that's left of the pants are these Daisy Dukes!
I just need to wash the straight-legged one so it will fray up. I tried to get some pictures, but the model was a little reluctant! The top two are the straight one, and the bottom two are the A-line.
Now I need to go buy her some boots to wear with these!


  1. Good job Connie. Those are really cute! And I like your new blog. Fun Stuff.... another blog to stalk!

  2. Way to go, Connie! You are pretty resourceful. Eden loves the skirts, I'm sure. Anything new to wear is a hit with her!

  3. Those are stinkin cute Connie! I suppose you did learn something in sewing class even thought all we did was talk the entire time. :0)
    Clever idea!!!!

  4. That is completely adorable! I love the straight pencil skirt look.
    Great idea using other fabric for the waistband instead of the thick denim. And great sewing job. Looks really cute on Eden.
    Yea, getting the model to cooperate is never the easiest. But hey, at she looks like she's enjoying the skirt!

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  6. Cute, cute idea. Heaven knows I have a TON of jeans I am just trying to get back into....mmmmm hmmmm I need to be honest with myself. I am going to try this too. My girls LOVE skirts and this is an easy, cute, fun idea. Thanks Connie, you are quite resourceful and talented!

  7. what a great idea!!! Too bad my baby girl is too big to fit into one leg of my jeans... maybe I could cut them open and seam them together or something! I'll have to mull that one over...

  8. Sorry I didn't specify... that's what I did. I cut both legs off and opened them, then sewed them together.

  9. good idea. way to not waste! and cute too :)

  10. What a clever idea. I think they are modeled great.