Monday, July 29, 2013

First Day of School Foam Numbers

For the first day of school, I wanted to take pictures with the kids holding something to show what grade they were in. I looked for something cute on Pinterest, but all I could find were printouts that I thought were boxy and covered up the kid's whole body when they held them up. I wanted something bright that was big enough to see, and that wasn't too distracting. I decided to use big pieces (12 x 18 inches) of craft foam from Hobby Lobby. I let the kids each choose their favorite color. I looked at fonts on my computer and chose a different one for each kid. Then I just drew the number on the foam with a pencil, eye-balling it. If you aren't as confident sketching it on, you could always print out a number in a large font. I didn't want to take that long, and I wanted the numbers to be pretty big, so I just winged it. After drawing them on, I just cut them out, making sure to keep the superscript contraction intact with the number. 

And done! The kids were excited to take their first day of school pictures!