Friday, May 13, 2011

New Squares

Okay, did anyone else notice that Blogger was broken pretty much all day yesterday? Lame, right? I was so excited to post everyone's fabric, and instead I just ended up frustrated all day! Well, here they are now. And by the way, my trip to Florida was fabulous!

From Crystal: Love those tractors and ballerinas!
From Ixchelle: Carrots and sheriff's badges!
From Janelle: Tape measures and scissors!
Also from Janelle: Rats and yarn balls! And I love the little aliens!
From Chiska: Baby chicks, pigs and race cars! Chiska sent an extra fabric for everyone!
From Kim (borrowed pic): Love the sneakers and dinosaur bones!
From Manda: Tree frogs and Monopoly pieces!
From Vicki: Monster trucks and Santas! And my kids love the Halloween characters!
From Wendy: Paper airplanes and clocks! So cool!
I'm pretty sure there are just two left to post. Looking for one more package in the mail, and then I will post those and my fabrics! I have already started the dividing the fabrics out, so I hope to get these out soon! This has been a fun swap! Thanks, everyone!


  1. Mine went in the mail yesterday. I know I am late but my swap was a pain in my life, I don't know if you read about it or not. It did go out priority and since I am only one state away I am hoping that you will get it tomorrow.

  2. Fun! Love them all! I hope the Dr. Seuss thing 1 & thing 2 fabric is ok... I realized after I bought it that it might be considered "licensed." I thought it was cool though. ;)

  3. Yay!! I am so excited! :o)

  4. Where did you ladies bought the candy corn and thing 1 and thing 2 fabrics??? I would like to buy a couple of yards of each fabric, my kids really liked them =)

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  6. I am only one state away I am hoping that you will get it tomorrow.