Sunday, March 20, 2011

Opinions, Please!

Okay, I am making a skirt for my daughter using this pattern (buy here):I chose this for the top fabric (it actually looks a little darker than this):I originally bought this for the underskirt. I know it's from a different line and it actually doesn't match perfectly (or maybe at all) but I liked the effect at the time. I also have a piece of this fabric that I could use as the underskirt. It's from the same line as the first one, so the colors match and everything. I just think it might be way too crazy of a print.
I didn't want a stark contrast between the colors of the two skirts, but now I'm thinking that the top is really busy and with either of these, the bottom might be too busy too. The red one doesn't really help with my desire to not contrast too much. I also don't want the fabrics to be too matchy-matchy. That's why I chose fabrics from different lines at first. I am one of those psycho people who match too much and my sisters have convinced me that sometimes not matching actually looks better, and I agree. I am trying to become more open minded with matching!

So which should I use, or should I just go buy a monochromatic print on yellow or light blue or something? I'm having a hard time deciding. Your thoughts?


  1. I like the top one for the top fabric and I would go with a light blue or soft yellow for the underskirt :) I'm sure it will be pretty however you make it!

  2. I like the red/orange one. I think it would make the top fabric really pop. Too cute!

    I'm assuming you got Karena's email. That should really help you decide which one to go with!

  3. I would also go with something less busy and simpler for the bottom, in a less harsh color too like the yellow or light blue or whatever. One crazy fabric is kind of enough. And I don't think the two blues match enough or even help in the non matching kind of way.