Monday, March 28, 2011

First I-Spy Fabrics!

These are for the first group of swappers.

Here are the fabrics I have received so far! I have four more I got tonight and need to snap pictures of and post for tomorrow.

From Michelle C.- Lighthouses and Koi!
From Kelly- I am dying over the hot air balloons and gas pumps!
From Karena- I love the bows and the birthday cakes!
From Catherine- Grapes and toy cars!
From Ann P. - Sneakers and Oriental parasols!
From Linnea- Circus performers and treasure maps!Janelle - She couldn't decide, so she sent 11 fabrics! I love the rainbows and tomatoes, and matryoshkas hold a special place for me :)Ann S. - Chairs (from the Tufted Tweets line!) and butterflies in jars!More tomorrow!


  1. They look great! I am so excited to make this quilt!!!!

  2. What a fantastic group already!

    Forgot to tell you -- I mailed mine on Saturday. I hope they get there today!! :o)

  3. These fabrics look great. I wish I would have gotten in on this swap!

  4. great stuff. I will be mailing mine immediately!

  5. Forgot to let you know mine have been mailed! I'm part of group 2!

  6. Howdy from San Antonio! exciting!! Mine were mailed out Friday so hopefully mine are in the to be pictured for tomorrow....Can't wait, this is my first swap. Also, after we make our quilt are we supposed to email a picture? Have a great day everyone!