Thursday, March 17, 2011

And...We're Doing a Double Swap!

Amy and lxchelle, you are automatically entered in this swap, so no need to comment :)

Okay, I have been convinced to make this a double swap. That will give 16 more people the chance to participate! Hopefully we can fill up the slots. Go ahead and pass the invitation around! We have 16 open spots, so leave a comment if you want to join the swap. Here is the info one more time! Please read it thoroughly before signing up!

Wondering what I-Spy fabrics are? Click on the I-Spy or Swap Labels on the left sidebar to see what they are and what you can make with them!

*Very important!* Please only comment if you are going to be able to meet the deadline! Fabric should be in my mailbox on the date of the deadline, not mailed by that date. Thanks!

The Basics:
Mail me 200 I-Spy squares by March 30th.
Get back 200 squares, all different, by April 13th.

The Details:
1. I need 16 people to join the swap. In order to join, just leave a comment with your email address included. (If you are not located in the USA, please send your fabrics ASAP.)

2. Cut 20 4" squares out of each of 10 different novelty print fabrics (quilting quality cotton wovens - please no flannel). A 1/4-yard cut or fat quarter will get you 20 4" squares, so you will be purchasing a total of about 2 1/2 yards of fabric. This is NOTHING when you consider all of the fabrics you will be getting back.

3. In order to avoid duplicates, everyone will need to search out unusual or obscure prints. Try to look for things that aren't available at chain stores like Joann's and Hobby Lobby. Pick fun prints that you love!

4. Remember that we are looking for fabric with objects on it, not printy-prints. (A fabric with FLOWERS on it is very different from a FLORAL PRINT.)

5. No "licensed" prints: No Disney, Spongebob, Dora, John Deere, L.A. Lakers, etc.

6. Remember seam allowances! Be sure you can tell what you are looking at within a 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" square. Nobody wants only half of an object in their square -- cut them well! (Depending on your fabric choice, you may need to buy more than 1/4 yard in order to get an object into each cut square.)

The first 16 people who comment here will get to participate! Please leave your email address in the comment as I will be sending out an email with details of the swap as soon as we are full. Please check your email promptly! Also, feel free to tell any friends you have that might be interested in joining us!


  1. Count me in.

  2. My mom and I are in as well! What a fun idea.

  3. Im In!!

  4. I would love to be in however, do you need to prewash the fabric? If so, I will not be able to get fabric and have it washed in time to mail as I am in Canada.
    If it does not need to be prewashed then I can join and will mail by Monday.

  5. I would like to join, but before I commit... the only fabric store I have near me is a joanns... is there a possibility that I could find unique fabrics there?

  6. Count me in!!

  7. I'm nervous about time, but I'm gonna commit anyway! I wished I had done it last time, so that tells me I should do it!
    ballerinabiker at gmail dot com


  9. Yea! I've been wanting to do one and already have the fabrics ready!
    huffalupagus at aol dot com

  10. Please save for Jenna (I'll get her the info)

  11. I'd love to do this, it will be my first one!

  12. Me me me me!

  13. do you have space for one more?

    mtretiakova at gmail dot com