Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet Strawberry Valentine

As you can see, I love homemade valentines. This one is easy!
Download the template here if you want, or you can just eyeball this one. Just cut a heart out for the berry and a little leaf out for the top. The template should be sized to about 8.5 x 5. You can probably get about 5 strawberries out of one page.

You will need:
red cardstock
green construction paper (or cardstock)
googly eyes (14 mm)
tacky glue
a Sharpie
gold gel pen or gold glitter paint pen
glue stick
Trace the parts of the strawberry and leaf onto the cardstock and cut out a bunch. Get your kids and start assembling!

Glue the green leaf on with a glue stick. Glue the googly eyes on with tacky glue. Give it a minute to dry or the eyes will slide. Draw on a smile or have your kids do it.

Now take your gel pan and draw little seeds all around the face. If you opt to use the glitter glue or a glitter pen, make sure you let it dry for quite a while- maybe around 4 hours. It can get pretty messy and take a while with the glue. It's a bit more sparkly, but I think the gel pen is cute too.

Make some labels on your computer using you word processor. I used the sentiments "You are a BERRY good friend!" and "You are sweet!" for the labels. Let your kids put the labels on the back and tape a treat on.
And you're done!


  1. these are so cute. just made them. thanks for sharing.

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