Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lots More!

More fabric to show you!

These are from Christy. I love the planets and the lips. And Santa with his list!
These are from Bry. I LOVE the retro-looking kids and the dinosaurs playing sports are a riot!
From Nicole. You can't see it too well, but that tiny print is actually little elephants! And I am so glad someone picked Matryoshka dolls! They are a favorite of mine!
These are from Erin. Windows! How cute! And those cute cats in the top corner are sparkly!
From Chris. Look at those roller-waitresses! So fun and unique! And I love the houses and flowers.
From Amy. Flip flops! And tubes of paint! How cool!
From another Amy. Look at those orange cones! And I love the butterflies and little pirates!
Everyone is sending such cute fabrics! This has been so fun. Thanks to everyone for participating. If you didn't get in on the swap, don't worry, I decided to have another one pretty much as soon as this one is finished. So check back in late October or early November. Follow my blog so you don't miss the post!


  1. How fun all of these look, I am loving the Palm trees and flip flops and houses and owls and leaves are those dancing horses and baby dinosaurs!

  2. I am loving the Palm trees and flip flops and houses and owls.